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Me and my girlfriend are both into sexting, we just love this new way of expressing our feelings and current sexual desires. We’ve been dating since 2006, but last summer turned out to be an interesting confusion around our sexting.

It was a simple but very hot summer day, so I’ve chosen to refresh myself with a good cold beer. But since one beer wasn’t enough, I kept drinking another one and another one, losing the counter. However, at a time later that afternoon as I was a bit dizzy, I’ve composed my sexy-SMS for my girlfriend, Lucie. I wrote down that I was totally naked in my backyard, drinking my beer and I described how I’d like to make love to her and I was very open and explicit in my description. It must’ve been my dizziness as I didn’t observe upon sending the SMS that it was going to Marie, a girl who went to high school with me and had a crush on me but we never dated.

You can imagine how shocked I was when Marie responded, getting totally into the sexting-mood like it was just normal from me to write to her. She told me she’s coming over in like 10 minutes. I was confused and angry with myself, such a stupid confusion! I’ve tried to explain through another SMS (my dizziness didn’t let me think so I didn’t call Marie and made this even more complicated), but she replied it’s okay and Lucie doesn’t have to know, she won’t speak out a word.

As I saw I am almost getting into trouble, as if the neighbors would’ve seen Marie come over, they’d tell Lucie and our relationship would’ve ended for good. I didn’t want that so I called Lucie, explained everything and thankfully as she trusts me, she understood my situation, called Marie who was then really disappointed and eventually my Lucie came over and my sexting intention ended just the way it should’ve ended!

I don’t make it a habit of ‘sexting’ my significant other; in fact, for the most part I prefer to keep our love life completely private and don’t even talk to my friends about my romantic escapades. I’d been dating ‘Bob’ for a couple of years and things were going pretty well. One evening in particular, I was feeling quite amorous, having just worked 5 nights in a row and hadn’t seen Bob in over a week. I was looking forward to a romantic night alone with him.
I decided to text him early on a Saturday morning to tease him a bit and let him know what kind of night he was in for! I won’t go into explicit details, but let’s just say it involved candles, a bottle of wine accompanied by a romantic dinner, a roaring fire and some whipped cream with Jell-O. I’ll let you use your imagination to fill in the blanks!
Perhaps it was because I was tired after my night shift, or perhaps it was my haste to get the message to him, but in my haste, I accidently ‘sexted’ my best friend’s brother! As if that wasn’t bad enough, this guy has had a serious crush on me since high school and was just waiting for me to break up with Bob so he could have his chance!
Well, you can imagine my surprise and horror when I realized that Bob did not in fact get the message! To say that I was embarrassed is an understatement. I wanted to crawl under a rock and stay there. And just how did I realize my blunder you might ask? Because my friend’s brother replied to my message with a ‘be right there, baby!’ I quickly had to call him and explain the situation as delicately as possible, so as not to hurt his feelings.
As for me and Bob – we had our romantic evening and I now triple check every ‘sexting’ message before hitting that send button!

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